American Trucking Associations (ATA) has released an analysis on the Professional Truck Driving Industry, exposing data that is great news for prospective drivers.

ATA’s 2015 report, titled Truck Driver Shortage Analysis 2015, takes a look into the ups and downs of the Professional Truck Driving Industry and what’s caused its fluctuations since the New Millennium. According to the Analysis, there’s currently a shortage of about 38,000 truck drivers. While the number is constantly fluctuating, ATA’s analysis data confirms a trend that could carry over into the future.

In 2005, the documented shortage of drivers was 20,000. By 2008, when the recession took its greatest toll on the economy, that number had disappeared since a lack of production lowered the demand of Professional Truck Drivers. Things started to turn around in 2011 once America began to get back on its feet, and by 2014, the truck driver shortage found its current number, (just under 40,000.) By 2024, that number is expected to be almost 175,000.

So, what’s going to cause this massive shortage in drivers?

The Truck Driver Shortage Analysis 2015 points to the age of current drivers as the major cause in spiking shortages. According to the report, “the median age of over-the-road truck drivers is 49, compared with just 42 for all US workers. Some sectors within the trucking industry have an even higher median age. For example, private fleet drivers have a median age of 52 years old.”

A large chunk of the Industry’s population is retiring or gearing up to retire in the next decade. Pair that with America’s recovering economy and its increasing production rates and you’ll understand ATA’s predictions. Let’s just say that business is well on its way to be booming, which means more potential for the Professional Truck Driving Industry.

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