Maybe you’ve seen postings for available truck driver jobs in your area. CDL truck drivers can make $40,000 to $45,0001 in their first year in addition to awesome benefits, so why are there so many jobs available?

It’s a great question with a few good answers! There are so many available truck driver jobs because of the current extremely high demand for CDL truck drivers. This is excellent news for anyone looking to start a trucking career because of the great opportunities!

High Demand for Truck Drivers

When goods and necessities need to get from one spot in the country to another, it’s the responsibility of CDL truck drivers to see it done. Truck drivers have a huge role in the economy and are needed from coast to coast (ever heard truckers called the Backbone of America?).

When America went into a recession, there wasn’t as much need to move products across the country. But now that we’ve turned the recession around and are finally improving, more products are being made and shipped out. We rely on our truck drivers to move those products and to help keep the economy going in the right direction!

CDL truck driver jobs can’t be outsourced. When we have to transport goods from Georgia to Oregon, we need American truck drivers to do it. How is a driver in another country supposed to deliver goods between states in our country? CDL truck driving isn’t the type of position that can be globalized, or worked on from outside of the United States.

A large retirement wave among CDL truck drivers also greatly affects how many trucking jobs are available. The average age of a truck driver is 49,2 and that means that when just one is ready to retire, so probably are hundreds of others. This leaves a big hole in the trucking industry that needs to be filled to keep things moving along. Without future truck drivers taking over retirees’ positions who will move goods and necessities across the country?

There’s Money in Truck Driving

National carriers might prefer their drivers to have professional experience or at least professional training. Why? Truck drivers have a large responsibility, and many times carriers will offer bonuses and benefits to their drivers in addition to a great starting pay.

Werner Enterprises, for example, offers their team drivers a $7,500 bonus for signing on with their company. And that’s in addition to the $100,000 to $150,000 that team drivers can make together as a team in a year.1 What an awesome start to a new career!

Other bonuses might also be available to drivers through different carrier companies. Covenant Transport, for example, may offer new hires a $15,000 tuition bonus as well as referral bonuses. At Covenant you could earn a $500 bonus for every qualified solo driver you refer, $1500 for each qualified team you refer, and $3000 for each qualified hazmat endorsed team you refer!3

So you want in on the earnings, but maybe you’re unsure of the best way to make yourself standout. While experience is unbeatable, training at a respected truck driver school can mean all the difference in the world.1Truck driver wage info supplied by Werner Enterprises
3Covenant info supplied by 2016 Covenant Transport Student Program brochure