How to Use Your GI Bill Benefits to Start a Truck Driving Career

Learn how to use your GI Bill Benefits to get the training you need to be a truck driver. You can earn your CDL in weeks and begin earning a living wage.

How to Use Your GI Bill Benefits to Start a Truck Driving Career

Active members of the military and veterans need new opportunities for careers after service. Fortunately, the GI Bill helps to make this process easier, allowing military members to get a post-secondary education. You are not limited to pursuing a college degree. Instead, you can use your benefits to pay for career training, including for a CDL license. Roadmaster Drivers School is approved for Veteran’s training and is an excellent choice for this type of education.

GI Bill Basics

The GI Bill contains several benefits that will help you pay for training programs, college, and graduate school. The program originated in 1944 to help WWII vets and their families get the necessary funding to pay for their education. Since then, the government created the Post-9/11 GI Bill for active military and veterans who served after that national tragedy. 

Managed by the Veterans Administration, the GI Bill has many benefits and other programs that you may qualify for. The VA carefully manages these benefits and evaluates thousands of schools to make sure they are an appropriate choice for your education. Roadmaster Drivers School is approved for Veteran’s training.

Why Choose a Truck Driving Career?

Moving from the military to civilian life can be difficult, especially when it comes to finding a career that fits. Truck driving allows you the freedom of the open road while providing great opportunities for growth. In fact, the industry is expanding at such a rate that an estimated 175,000 drivers will be needed in the coming decade. That figure is not surprising because eighty percent of US communities depend entirely on trucking for the delivery of their goods and commodities. Trucking also provides the following benefits: 

  • You can earn an initial annual wage averaging up to $50,000.
  • Full-time drivers are eligible for medical and life insurance, 401ks, paid vacations, and other benefits. 
  • Truck drivers are able to spend weekly time with their families.

If you were a military driver with the required experience, you can apply for a Veteran CDL Skills Test Waiver. If you are granted this waiver, you will be able to bypass some of the testing requirements that other students must undergo.

How to Get Started

The VA will assist you in applying for your benefits and keeping track of the credits you’ve used. To apply, you’ll need the following documents and information: 

  • Social Security Number
  • Education and Military History
  • Basic Information About Your School of Choice

You can call the VA for more information, but the easiest way to apply is by doing it online. You’ll find the details and forms you need by visiting the US Department of Veterans Affairs website. Remember, the Post-9/11 Bill differs from the original GI Bill, so be certain to learn its specifics as they apply to your situation.

What are the Benefits of a Roadmaster Education?

Roadmaster Drivers School understands the needs of veterans and active service members. We will help guide you through the application process and help you identify which forms you need to file with the VA. 


Roadmaster offers in-house financing for qualified borrowers to help cover the cost of tuition. In addition, many trucking carriers that recruit from Roadmaster may offer up to 100% tuition reimbursement after graduation while working for the carrier. So, if you want to pursue a trucking career after the military, we can assist you in making financial arrangements to cover the cost of tuition. 


Roadmaster is a nationally recognized leader in truck driver training, which means you will receive top-notch instruction to help get you into your new career. Our program prepares you to be an effective and safe entry-level driver. And you can complete your training relatively quickly, sometimes in a matter of weeks. To get your CDL, you will need to complete the following steps

  • Get a regular driver’s license.
  • Meet the age requirements for a CDL in your state. Roadmaster accepts students aged 21 and above for interstate driving and 18 and above for intrastate driving where available. 
  • Obtain US DOT physical and pass a US DOT Drug Screen.

We can help you get pre-qualified for a job before you even graduate. You are free to accept any job offer you wish and have no obligation to work for any of the trucking carriers associated with Roadmaster. 


At Roadmaster, you will learn to use state-of-the-art automatic transmission trucks. In addition, our instructors will give you the hands-on training that you need to take your Class A CDL license exam.