This week, the world celebrates Earth Day. With that in mind, we figured we’d give you some helpful tips for how to be a more environmentally conscious, eco-friendly truck driver by saving fuel.

Happy Earth Day!

Saving A Little Diesel Fuel Goes A Long Way

Conserving diesel is probably the best thing you can do as a professional truck driver to impact the environment in a positive way.

Burning less fuel helps air quality, as fewer emissions get into the atmosphere. And clean air is pretty cool, right? Yeah, most people think so. After all, the stuff is pretty helpful if your hobbies include, for example, “Breathing,” or if you’re a fan of such activities as, say, “Existing.”

Plus, using fewer gallons of fuel on the road means extracting fewer gallons of oil from the ground — an obvious victory for the planet.

What’s up? Oh, you need a better reason to be an eco-friendly trucker and conserve fuel? OK. How about the fact that it saves money?!

Diesel isn’t exactly cheap these days, so the farther you can stretch each gallon, the better off your wallet is going to be. It’s a win-win for both your bank account and Mother Nature.

Even if your company is paying for your fuel, helping their bottom line means they’ll have more money in the long run to pay you. And that, sports fans, is what you’d call a win-win-win.

Taking Care Of Your Truck Helps Take Care Of Your Planet

Keeping your truck in good, working order can really increase your fuel economy over time.

So what are some good, specific things you can do for your truck to cut down on fuel consumption? Hmm. That’s a tough one. If only somewhere there were a convenient list, maybe in bullet-point form, of diesel-saving ideas. Oh well. Guess you’re on your own.

Just kidding! Here you go:

  • Make sure your tires are inflated to the right PSI.
  • Check your oil regularly and change it as needed.
  • Swap out unclean air filters for fresh ones.
  • Replace spark plugs that aren’t firing correctly.

The Way You Drive Makes A Difference, Too

Once you’ve got your truck running right, the next step is to adjust how you drive it because that, too, can affect your mileage-per-gallon rate.

Some driving-related best-practices for fuel economy include:

  • Plan your routes carefully.
  • Stick to the speed limit.
  • Don’t idle more than necessary.
  • Go easy on the A/C.
  • Drive smoothly. (Whenever safely possible, avoid quickly speeding up or slowing down.)

Now that you know how to be a more environmentally responsible trucker by conserving your fuel, you can hit the road and do your part to help make Trucking a smarter, “green”-er and more eco-friendly industry this Earth Day and every day, for years to come.

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For more on fuel efficiency for truck drivers, click here to check out the American Trucking Associations’ “Drive Smart Tips.”