When Roadmaster Drivers School Instructor Anthony Marshall woke up Wednesday morning to go to work, I’m sure he had no idea he was going to end the day in heroic fashion.

Anthony Marshall (Instructor) and James Hunt (student driver) were driving on Interstate 95 when another semi-truck drove past them started to veer off to the left forcing Hunt to brake. Once the driver of the swerving vehicle realized he was going off the road he snatched the wheel back and turned back to the right flipping the truck on its side.  Hunt drove his truck to the shoulder and stopped. Mr. Marshall grabbed the fire extinguisher from the Roadmaster truck and ran towards the overturned vehicle.  Marshall and another driver took turns busting out the window to get the driver of the flipped truck out safely.

Mr. Marshall stated that minutes prior to the accident he was explaining to his students that “you never snatch that wheel in the truck and not two minutes has passed and they saw first hand what can happen.” Roadmaster Drivers School (NC) Director Gary Johnson personally thanked Mr. Marshall for pulling over and doing the right thing, Mr. Marshall’s response was “I would want somebody to do that for me.”