As a CDL truck driver, getting paid to travel the country is your job! You’ll move cargo from one location to another in the U.S., usually getting paid by the miles you travel. Right now truck drivers are in high demand and companies pay well for new drivers! Pay depends on things like experience, endorsements, and the company the driver works for, but new drivers can earn $40,000 to $45,000 their first year!1

Traveling the Country in Comfort and Style

Class A CDL truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road behind the wheel. It’s important that they are comfortable enough to make those long drives on occasion. That’s why the trucking industry likes to keep their drivers in newer trucks, built for long-haul comfort.

Take the carrier company Schneider, for example. The average trucking fleet age is “less than 2.5 years,” for CDL drivers with Schneider, and many other trucking companies follow the same idea.2 Newer trucks means that they probably won’t break down as often or need as much upkeep.

See One-of-a-kind Sights While You Travel

Depending on your carrier company, you could transport goods across the country from peak-to-peak and coast-to-coast. All of that travel allows you to see a lot of landscapes that you might not get the chance to see otherwise. When you roll through green hills, around mountains, and across stretches of sandy plains, remember that you’re getting paid to go there, not paying to see it!

Here are a few of those famous landmarks that could be apart of your weekly or monthly work life:

st-louis-archThe St. Louis Gateway Arch – Forget the McDonald’s golden arches. This man-made marvel is 630 feet tall, towering among other buildings in the St. Louis skyline. It’s the largest man-made monument in the country and will surely be an exciting and welcoming sight on your cross-country travels!

Hoover Dam – If you’ve got the time in your trip to step out of your truck and see the marvel that’s the Hoover Dam, take it! You won’t be disappointed. The Hoover Dam is located on the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona. Your trucking route just might take you on the signature bending road across the Hoover Dam, but there’s nothing like taking a minute to really drink up the sight! The Hoover Dam has been standing at 726 feet tall since 1935!3

niagara-fallsNiagara Falls – While you’re in the far U.S. north, you should probably take the opportunity to see and hear the natural wonder that’s Niagara Falls! Three massive waterfalls tumble over a high cliff between America and Canada, and tourists flock from all over the world to see it! While going over the Falls in a barrel might not be an option anymore, seeing the beautiful natural wonder from safe, convenient viewpoints is the next best thing.

Take Advantage of Downtime By Exploring

There is sure to be at least a little downtime as a truck driver. Whether you’re getting your truck serviced or waiting around for a cargo load/unload, take advantage of the time! Are there any local spots where you can stretch your legs, maybe take pictures and see the unique sights? If your downtime is more than an hour or two, try a little local traveling. Keep an eye out for things like museums, parks, and landmarks on your routes.

All the Solitude You Could Ask For

Sometimes traveling with someone can take away from the moment. Maybe your traveling buddy is complaining or arguing with you, or they have a different idea of what they would like to be doing. As a CDL truck driver who drives over-the-road (which means driving long distances across states), you’ll spend the majority of the time by yourself behind the wheel. Sit back, enjoy that comfortable driver’s seat, and take in all the scenery on your drive as you clock in paid miles!

1wage info supplied by Werner Enterprises