We’re about a month and a half deep into tax season. Whether you’ve already filed or you’re putting it off until April 15, you’re probably not a fan of having to file your taxes.

And you’re definitely not alone. In fact, do you think anyone likes filing their taxes?

The answer is no.

Not, “Well, it’s kind of relaxing,” or, “Well, maybe if—” No.

Just… no.

There are exactly zero people who enjoy filing their taxes. No one’s sitting there saying, “Alright! This weekend’s going to be awesome. First, I’m going to file my taxes. Then, if there’s time, maybe I’ll swing by the dentist’s office just for kicks and see if I can get a spur-of-the-moment root canal!”

There is, however, one saving grace for tax season: getting your tax return check.

But even that check isn’t always as great as it’s cracked up to be. Most of the time, you get back much less money than you were hoping you would and, in the end, it never seems like enough.

Fortunately, there’s a way you could stretch your tax return money and get a lot more out of it than just a quick, one-off purchase.

By investing that check into a new career in the in-demand Professional Trucking Industry, your tax refund money can help to buy you a whole new life that rewards you for years to come.

As a Roadmaster-trained professional truck driver, you’ll have access to a 401k, paid vacation and sick time and health, dental, vision and life insurance. Plus, you basically will be getting paid to see the country around a flexible schedule — what more could you ask for in a career?

All you need to do is put that money toward a quality Class A CDL training program.

Think about it: Not only will you get a great job with benefits, built-in travel and good pay, but also you’ll then be able to afford even more of the products, trips and other things you were going to spend your tax return check on in the first place.

So instead of thinking small, look at the big picture and really get your money’s worth out of that tax return.

After all, how great would it be to get a nice check like that once every week or two instead of just once a year?