The Holiday season means business for a lot of companies across the country. Seasonal help is called on to ease the workload of regular employees, which provides opportunities for pay for many Americans. What happens when the seasonal positions end, though, and the companies aren’t in need of extra help for another ten months?

Instead of counting down the time until your seasonal position runs out of hours, consider embarking on an exciting new career with many incredible advantages: Professional Truck Driving! 

Consider some of these exceptional benefits you can expect from the profession:

Great Starting Pay: Professional Truck Drivers can look forward to a starting average wage of just under $40,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Opportunities to Travel: Drive cross-country and see American Landscapes you might not have been privileged to see otherwise.

Traditional Full-Time Benefits: Truck drivers can look forward to specific benefits provided by their carrier such as paid vacation, 401k retirement plans, health insurance and opportunities for bonuses.

Live Virtually Rent-Free: With your truck, you’ll always have a free place on hand to sleep, as the area behind the seats is typically outfitted with a bed for the driver.

Job Security: Professional Truck Drivers are in extremely high demand, and carriers compete with each other for drivers. This is great news for anyone looking into truck driving!

Don’t fret about seasonal hours any longer! Earning your Class A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) at Roadmaster prepares you for life on the road and a bright career! Call Roadmaster today and put your life in drive!