The last time we checked in with Mr. Sinnizter Da Trucker a little over a year ago, we gawked and awed over his recent YouTube success. With 350 Videos and almost 300,000 views, Anthony Harrell was building a steady cult following that looked to his video persona for tips, tricks, advice, and entertainment in the Professional Trucking Industry.

Sinnizter Da Trucker has come a long way since then.

Currently, his YouTube page is home to almost 700 videos and boasts nearly 1,500,000 views. He’s gathered 10,210 subscribers who eagerly anticipate the release of every new Sinnizter Da Trucker video. Undoubtedly, his fame and reach have grown expansively in a year, and he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down just yet.

One of Sinnizter’s latest side projects, Ruthless Grinders, is already taking off at great speed. After organizing a trucking group and a subsequent website, Sinnizter created a resource for followers and new fanatics of Ruthless Grinders to purchase official merchandise. At, Sinnizter offers TeamRG merchandise like tees, tank tops, and phone cases.

A large portion of Sinnizter’s success stems from the sheer fact that he’s a pioneer in the Professional Trucking Industry, tapping into rich resources like video blogging and social media to spread a positive message about life on the road. His tenacity doesn’t hurt his success either: Sinnizter has been on the road since May and isn’t expecting to return home until November.

You may remember Sinnizter’s maxim “hard work plus dedication equals success,” from our last article. This time around, he’s provided a follow-up phrase: “hustle hard and paper chase.” From the looks of it, it’s gotten Anthony Harrell pretty far.