Highway Hypnosis (or “White Line Fever”) is when a driver spaces out while driving. They may travel for miles and miles without having realized it, missing exits or details that are crucial for safety!

You spend a lot of your time on the road as a CDL truck driver, moving cargo and keeping our economy going in the right direction! Whether you’re a rookie driver fresh on the highway or a seasoned driver with years of experience under your belt, you still ride around in a truck all day. That can get very tiring if you don’t find ways to entertain yourself.

Try out some of these tips to help break up the long drives during your trucking runs and avoid Highway Hypnosis:

Switch Up Your Entertainment

Radio is the easiest form of entertainment when you’re driving a truck. Every commercial truck has a radio, and drivers can tune into their favorite local channels or music stations. Satellite radio, if it’s an option, allows drivers to stay on the same station no matter where they travel, and offer a lot more variety than the local radio stations.

Switching up the style of audio you listen to is a big help against Highway Hypnosis. If you usually listen to popular music stations then consider trying out a talk show or maybe a new genre of music. You can bring along albums if you’re truck has a player, or you may have the option to stream music through a mobile device. Try listening to the news or an audiobook to jog your brain. Change the pace!

Don’t Neglect Fresh Air

Sometimes you just need a little fresh air or an opportunity to stretch your legs and be outside of your truck. Opening your windows to let in air that wasn’t processed through a machine first could work wonders!

Sure, you have a destination to reach and cargo to transport, but just a quick refresher could help you keep a clear mind and a positive mood. You probably don’t have a lot of time during your runs to get out of your truck, so make the most of each one! If there is an opportunity to get a little exercise in during a stop, take it! A short walk (or maybe even a power walk) around the truck stop grounds can really help optimize your “fresh-air” time.

Get Creative With a Blog or Vlog

There’s a trend in trucking for drivers to keep a record of their journeys across the country. Recently, YouTube has been a great place for that with hundreds of truckers posting videos monthly or even weekly. These video blogs, or vlogs, are great tools for talking to a bunch of people at once. A platform like a blog or a vlog is a great way for you to speak your mind about trucking and spread positive messages to your fellow drivers.

If you decide to do a blog or vlog, you can use downtime or driving time to think up new topics for your internet audience. What things would you like for people to hear (truckers and non-truckers)? Can you advise on the best places to stop and eat on a particular route? Do you have any tips or tricks for new CDL truck drivers? Are there any hot topics or industry changes you’d like to discuss? Get creative and have fun with it!

Smartphones Are the Way to Go

With advancements in technology –particularly the smartphone– drivers can watch their favorite television shows from the comfort of their trucks (while not driving, of course) or at a truck stop. Streaming shows and movies is easy with smartphone apps (like Netflix, Hulu, Showtime, and HBO Go) and a data plan.

What’s even better, smartphones are excellent for staying in touch with family and friends no matter where you’re parked in the country! Facetime and video chatting apps put you nearly face-to-face with loved ones, and social media and trending apps like Instagram or Snapchat make it easy to have fun with friends remotely.

Driving those long distances doesn’t have to be boring at all! Enjoy many of the same luxuries you would have at home right from your truck! And even as a CDL truck driver, you can keep up with your life back at home while on the road.