Automatic Transmission Tractor Trailer Training

While not having to worry about shifting gears while out on the road is a modern convenience for most “4 Wheel” drivers, those with 18 have been manually shifting since trucks first hit the road. With major trucking carriers looking to reduce maintenance and fuel costs as well as increase safety, many have turned to the automatic shifting truck.

While not the norm, automatic shifting trucks have made their way into the fleets of most large carriers across the country. You can expect to drive one at some point very early in your career regardless of which employer you end up driving for. This is why all of our Roadmaster training locations now have these Automatic Transmission Semi Trucks available for you to train on. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages for the carriers and you the driver.

Take a look at the video below to see what an automatic transmission truck looks like and the comparison to a manual transmission. 

Automatic Transmissions

More and more trucks each year are being purchased with automatics instead of manuals. Here are a few good reasons why:

  • For many drivers and fleets, the biggest advantage of automatic transmissions is fuel economy. Because automatics never miss or skip shifts, they can optimize fuel consumption far better than manuals.
  • Automatic transmissions are easier and quicker to learn than manual shifting. With the rapid growth in the trucking industry in the past decade and the growing need for new drivers, companies are doing what they can to make it easy for drivers to get into a trucking job quickly.
  • Modern automatic transmissions often offer better performance than comparable manuals. An automatic can improve acceleration, control in high-traffic conditions, and hill ascents and descents.
  • Many drivers believe that automatics reduce driver fatigue and allow them to pay more attention to the road around them since they no longer need to worry about constantly shifting gears. This benefit is especially big in areas with lots of traffic such as city roads and highways with heavy construction.

So if you are ready to get your career in gear, contact Roadmaster today to learn more about out comprehensive Class A CDL Training and how you can learn to drive the newest automatic transmission trucks!

Thanks to D&D trucks for help with this article