How much is truck driving school is often one of the first questions that a person asks when deciding whether driving a truck or attending cdl a training is right for them. While the answer can depend on many factors, our admissions representatives can answer all of your questions when you set up an appointment There are many programs in place that can help you with the cost of truck driving school.

Today, trucking companies may offer reimbursement for truck driver training programs. For those who qualify, a variety of trucking companies will pre-hire students and reimburse training costs for as long as they are that company's employee. Roadmaster is also Approved for Veterans Training.

Tuition Costs and Fee Highlights

As stated in the enrollment agreement and addendum for each state, tuition cost includes the registration fee, books and supplies. Career guidance and job placement assistance are also provided to students and/or graduates at no extra charge. Students are responsible for travel, meals, housing (if required) and incidental expenses not directly related to training.

To get started with your cdl a training and driving a truck, just fill out our contact form to set up an appointment with an admissions representative. They will be able to tell you exactly how much is truck driving school as well as any other questions you may have about driving a truck.

Incomplete Policy


Veteran Policies

Student eligibility for Veterans Education Benefits is established by the Veterans Administration. Initial eligibility and continued eligibility during enrollment is determined by the VA.

Veterans' Refund Policy

The refund of the unused portion of tuition, fees, and other charges for veterans or eligible persons who fail to enter a course, withdraw or discontinue prior to completion, will be made for all amounts paid which exceed the approximate pro rata portion of the total charges that the length of the completed portion bears to the total length of the course. The proration will be determined on the ratio of days or hours of instruction completed to the total number of instructional days or hours in the course.

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