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Roadmaster Drivers School CDL Training

May 30, 2014 -

“Hero of the Highway”

When Roadmaster Drivers School Instructor Anthony Marshall woke up Wednesday morning to go to work, I’m sure he had no idea he was going to end the day in heroic fashion. Anthony Marshall (Instructor) and James Hunt (student driver) were driving

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May 2, 2014 -

What’s The Best Truck To Drive?

Training to get your CDL is a challenge in its own right, and the learning curve doesn’t end there. Trucking, like many professions, is forever changing and evolving, so let’s start with a basic question. How do you determine what

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April 14, 2014 -

Are You Hungry For A Trucking Career?

Are you hungry for a career? After 22 years of business, nothing makes us at Roadmaster Drivers School more proud than seeing one of our former students giving back by hosting his own series of helpful videos on YouTube. With over

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April 3, 2014 -

What’s the best school for CDL Training?

Are you interested in training for your Class A or Class B CDL license? If so, where do you go for such training? What questions should you ask yourself while researching schools? With so many options out there, who is

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CDL Training and Truck Driving School, Roadmaster Drivers School has locations across the United States. Most trucking companies require the successful completion of the CDL test and a Class A CDL commercial driver's license before driving a truck for them. As a truck driving school, Roadmaster provides you with the CDL training lessons you need to get either a Class A CDL or Class B CDL license to help you start your professional truck driving career today!

Roadmaster is dedicated to preparing individuals for a career driving a truck to meet the fast growing need for qualified professional truck drivers. By preparing students for a successful career through providing the best possible state of the art training at our CDL school, Roadmaster will work for the success of every student while building a reputation that will ensure valuable future opportunities for graduates of Roadmaster. Our mission will be enhanced and realized through strong community commitment and upholding the value of every individual student who enrolls into a Roadmaster truck driving school.

American Trucking AssociationCareer Path Training Corporation opened the first Roadmaster Drivers School truck driving school and cdl training center in Tampa, Florida in 1992. Roadmaster quickly gained a national reputation in the trucking industry for quality training of entry-level commercial truck drivers. Because truck drivers with a Class A CDL license have the potential for employment in so many different areas, a varied approach to safety conscious truck driver training is needed. Roadmaster takes a hands-on approach to training drivers to get their Class A CDL license.

Truckload Carriers AssociationOnline CDL training schools do not provide you with the hands on truck driver training that employers are looking for and that you need to start driving a truck professionally. Roadmaster will teach you advanced truck driving techniques such as skid avoidance and recovery as well as other emergency actions. CDL training from Roadmaster makes you far more valuable in the job market. When applying for truck driving jobs, hiring companies will know that you have received the proper truck driving school training and are ready to start your career as a professional over the road truck driver.

Roadmaster Drivers School provides you with Class A CDL & Class B CDL license training and truck driver training in as few as 3-4 weeks. With classes forming weekly at our 12 truck driving schools from Florida to California, there has never been a better time to start your truck driving career. Roadmaster truck driving school offers FREE job placement assistance after graduation. Tuition assistance is also available for those who qualify. Today, most trucking companies may offer reimbursement for truck driver training programs. Roadmaster is also Approved for Veterans Training.

Commercial Vehicle Training AssociationAll truck driving school locations have administrative offices, spacious classrooms, and computer labs. The schools maintain specially designed field-driving courses where students practice backing, coupling, uncoupling, docking and driving a truck. Roadmaster truck driving school provides equipment for Commercial Driver Licensing (CDL) testing at all locations. Roadmaster owns a fleet of late model tractor-trailers used exclusively for student training. Get your truck driving career started today with a well equipped, hands-on cdl training school with the reputation to back it up!

* Course Length may vary by location.